Achievement :



• Awarded by Honorable President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on 2013.
• Excellent Youth Awardees by Hon. Governor of U. P.
• International Human Right Promotion Awardees by Ambassador of Chili Year 2001 & Ambassador of Argentina Year 2008


Main Outcomes:



• More than 300 child labours have been released and are associated with main stream of the society by providing them vocational training and education.
• 30 villages have been covered for HIV/AIDS awareness programme called “Gramin AIDS Paricharcha” supported by NACO.
• 1000 women and youth have been provided vocational training.
• 20 villages, situated on highways, have been covered for HIV/AIDS awareness under UNDP’s TAHA project on the issue “Youth Participation in the prevention of Trafficking and HIV/AIDS”.
• Thousands of artisans and handicraft lovers have given a National Platform for promoting hand-made goods by organizing Gram Shilp Mela in coordination with CAPART.
• NGO activities are being appreciated by BBC by giving opportunity to participate in the tele-show “Hath Se Hath Mila”
• Basic Computer Training, CHIC CAD Training & Health Awareness Programmes at Lallapura, Varanasi


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