Broad Objectives:
The main objectives of the institute would be:
  • To alleviate the present condition of rural people by way of eradicating poverty, unemployment, exploitation and illiteracy etc.
  • To collaborate with the government and voluntary agencies in the developmental interventions for the purpose of income generation, health, education and environment conservation etc.
  • To facilitate the rural development efforts with emphasis and focus on the rural poor by improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of those instrumental in the process of sustainable rural development through organizing of training, workshops and seminars.
  • To produce quality manpower equipped with human and social values required to provide integration of technical skill, social character, leadership, self-confidence, creativity and innovation for benefit of mankind and sustainable development of the nation.
  • To carry out research to bring about development in spheres of appropriate technology for strengthening enterprising rural artisans and evolving ideas and concepts appropriate for rural development interventions.
  • To promote and develop appropriate rural technology in the area of energy and environment conservation.
  • To generate a sustainable technology base by way of bending appropriately the modern “science and technology” with traditional knowledge.
  • To identify and encourage potential entrepreneurs and subsequently train and develop them for setting up rural, micro small or medium enterprises with a view to accelerating enterprise/industrial development and expanding existing productive employment.
  • To provide consultancy services independently or in association with any expert institution or agency in the field of selection of entrepreneurs, organizing and conducting entrepreneurship skill development programmes and sponsoring and organizing seminar, conference and workshop on various aspect of entrepreneurship development.
  •  To create a cadre of competent trainers/motivators for implementing entrepreneurship development activities throughout the Purvanchal area in the state of Uttar Pradesh for establishing new enterprises and accelerating industrial and economic growth.
  • To sponsor and conduct training programmes, seminar, conference and workshop  etc. for any institution or groups of individuals, directly or indirectly relating to policies and programmes of over-all holistic development of the society.
  • To establish linkages with support agencies including financial institutions so as to ensure their support for potential entrepreneurs.
  • To develop an industrial database with a view to enabling entrepreneurs to select their product, acquire market information and learn manufacturing processes for the feasible projects.
  • To set up maintain and continuously up-date a library and documentation centre for potential as well as existing entrepreneurs.


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