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A Unit of Yuva Gramya Vikas Samiti, Varanasi

Hunar a banaras

Varanasi is famous for its Banarasi silk, Muslin fabrics, perfumes, ivory works, and sculptures. It grew as an important industrial center for these items. Varanasi city has its own mythological and cultural heritage as well as its identity in the world for handicrafts and textiles industry. In the handicraft industry, work of wood toys, embroideries, Zari Zardozi, fabric painting, metal work, stone carving etc. is abundant in Banaras. But due to technical problems and market access in the global competition period, the industry is struggling with recession problems.  It needs a platform by which the handicrafts can produce quality products at low cost using ICT And sold without intermediaries in the market.  If this happens, then not only will the escape of artisans be prevented but save the handicrafts industry as these products which have become cultural heritage can also be saved. For the purpose of preserving the Varanasi’s handicrafts industry and the people associated with this business, especially for livelihood up gradation and self-employment of women. An online (App & E-commerce) offline marketing platform called Hunar – A- Banaras has been established and promoted by SIRD.